Jesus Return Revealed

Jesus return revealed

Jesus return revealed


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Jesus return is revealed in the Scriptures. Don't be led around by the nose, get grounded in Scripture. Jesus' return has a unique sign accompanying it. Jesus' return will be accompanied by the sign of the Son of Man. This sign has been around since the opening of Scripture.

Genesis 1 tells us the earth is in darkness and flooded. Jesus' return will be similar. Matthew 24 was meant to lead us to Isaiah 13. Isaiah speaks of the day of the Lord as a day of cruel wrath. Jesus' return will not be a peaceful event. Jesus' return will involve a nuclear war according to Isaiah 13. God calls on the Medes (present day Kurds) to destroy Babylon (present day Iraq). No one ever lives there again.

This nuclear war sends the earth out of orbit and into complete darkness. Isaiah 13:12-13. Jesus' return and the rapture occur only after this event. This is why Jesus said the sun, moon and stars would not give their light. He was quoting Isaiah 13. Jesus saying the stars of heaven would fall to the earth, was telling us what it would look  like as the earth left its orbit and was flung into space. The stars would appear as it they were falling to the earth, but it would be the earth leaving its orbit as isaiah prophesied.

The earth will remain in darkness for three days. These days of darkness correlate to the time Jesus spent in the grave. He called this the sign of the Son of Man in Matthew 24. He gave this sign to the unbelieving Pharisees and Scribes of His day. He told them that He (the light of the world) would be missing for three days.

This sign has been around since the opening of Scripture. Genesis 1 tells us the earth was in  darkness and flooded. Jesus' return will be similar. It is not until the fourth day that God placed the sun, moon and stars into the heavens to light the earth. Although God had said, "Let there be light," long before the fourth day, He tells us He seperated the light from the darkness. He did not permit the light to enter into the darkness for three days to honor the time Jesus would spend in the grave.

We see this sign during the covenant God makes with Abram. A horrible darkness falls upon Abram. Genesis 15. No explanation is given. However, when Abram's descendants are delivered 430 years later on the anniversary of this covenant, they experience the same darkness over Egypt though spared from it as they remain indoors. Only the Hebrews had light while Egypt had darkness for three days. This is what Jesus called the sign of the Son of Man in Mattthew 24.

We see the sign again as Jesus hangs on the cross. Three hours of darkness fall on Israel. This is a mini version of the same sign. Next we see Jesus the light of the world missing for three days as He lies in the grave. This sign must occur before the rapture according to Jesus' words. Jesus' return has a definite sign!

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